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Today's Tip: Benchmarking

Simply put, we all face a crisis in delivery from a favoured supplier from time to time. The reason why doesn’t matter. But what matters is that your deliverable is needed and time is becoming an issue. What to do?
Earlier when time was not a factor you may pro-actively have given an alternate supplier the opportunity to be “benchmarked”. If so, problem solved. You planned ahead and already have a reliable secondary source lined up capable of providing a quality deliverable on time and on budget! If not, then the situation at hand just got more complicated.
I have been building my reputation on getting results for my customers by taking advantage of the most current industry developments since 1985. From printing in any format, to package design, web design and copywriting I can address your marketing needs. See for yourself what my team can deliver for you – on time and on budget. Call me today and let’s arrange a “benchmark” project while time is on your side.
Leonard Stern, President